Lynda Murray

The Dietitian Magician®


Lynda's passion for nutrition and wellness is evident in the boundless energy she brings to her presentations, consulting, coaching, and writing.   

Public Speaking

Seeking a sensational speaker? Look no further! The Dietitian Magician delivers energy and passion that propels people to action.

Media Spokesperson

The Dietitian Magician is a voice for products that "healthify" human lives. Her background in nutrition and wellness is evident in the expertise she brings to her sponsored products. 

Consulting, Demos & More

Lynda offers personal, corporate wellness, and sports nutrition consulting. Cooking demos, nutrition parties, kitchen pantry makeovers, and grocery store tours are just a few of her many offerings.

Columnist & Author

Lynda has authored the newspaper column, The Dietitian Magician for over 11 years. It has appeared in several cities throughout the United States. Check out her latest blog articles!