Lynda Murray

The Dietitian Magician®

Public Speaking

Each presentation is a lively, visual, dynamic program designed with you, the audience in mind. Suited for corporate wellness programs and groups of all sizes, the topics below are a sampling of some of Lynda’s most popular presentations.

Dead, boring sessions are a thing of the past with programs like these:

Keep the Skinny Kid Skinny

Are you afraid that the children in your care will become heavy kids, teens, adults? Be afraid, very afraid. It is likely that 1 out of every 3 children today will carry excess weight.

This generation is the first that will bury their children from disorders caused by excess weight — heart attack, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Get the skinny on how to stop this tragedy:

  • Learn how to rediscover the “skinny” (thinner) kid you once were.
  • Easy, healthy meal solution strategies for even the busiest of families.
  • Book provided to each audience attendee.

Benefit: You and your family will break free from the stigma of overweight and hopelessness.

Scales are for Fish – Weight Gain Prevention & Management Strategies

Traditional weight loss diets don’t last. They have a 5-30% success rate.

  • Learn proven techniques to insure that lost pounds don’t come back.
  • Witness the effects dieting has on the brain and body. 
  • ‍Learn why yo-yo diets are a no-no and how to derail fad diets.
  • ‍Learn what foods signal the brain that it is full and how to incorporate these waist whittling foods into your daily meals. 
  • ‍Book provided to each audience attendee.

Benefit: You will break free from yo-yo dieting and discover permanent weight management success.

Food as Medicine

If you were to assign a letter grade to foods, would they all get the same grade?

Foods are not equal. Learn the super foods to help you avoid overweight, type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The food choices you make today affect your possibilities for tomorrow. Your kitchen may well become your next pharmacy. 

  • Easy, healthful ways to include these foods is demonstrated. 
  • Lynda provides ridiculously healthy recipes and food samples with her.

Benefit: You and your loved ones will have fewer colds and flu this fall season.

Whole Grains — A Slice Above The Rest

Fiber impostors are making their way into the mainstream food supply. As we all know, it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. In doing so, the health benefits have been blown away like wheat germ being extracted from the kernel. 

  • Recognize that fiber and whole grains are not the same thing. 
  • Learn how to locate whole grains from the maze of deceptive language on food labels. 
  • Sample some delicious whole grains and go home with some ridiculously healthy recipes.

Benefit: Learn how to reduce your all-cause mortality by 15% and reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes by 50%.

Stressed = Desserts Spelled Backwards

Did you know 85% of all doctor visits are for stress-related illness? Is stress making you look and feel old? Are you too tired to tango at the end of a day?

Two out of every three people react to stress by craving sweets or salt, bingeing, overeating, or in some cases, not eating at all. 

  • Learn to sooth raw nerves without busting a seam in your favorite jeans. 
  • Discover what nutrients are needed in greater amounts when stress comes knocking at your door.
  •  Sample a healthy stress-busting snack.

Benefit: You’ll remain calmer and limit emotional eating.

Sports Nutrition — Going for the Medal Stand

Aside from genetics and training, nutrition is the most important thing standing between you and that medal stand. 

  • Learn proper hydration tips and refueling solutions before, during and after practice or competition.
  • Taught by marathoner, bike racer, and triathlete, Murray has hundreds of awards to attest that you are learning from one of the best.
  • Sample a healthy stress-busting snack.

Benefit: Whittle time off the clock and inch up on competitors.

Exercise – The Present You Give Yourself

Whatever the question is, exercise is the answer. You can add not only years to your life but add life to your years. Additional movement at every stage of life has purpose and gets results. 

  •  Learn to unleash your physical best and get what you want out of life.
  • Everyone receives a take-home present. 

Benefit: Turn the clock back 10 years and feel better too.

Fats – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Fats aren’t all equal. Some are better at slenderizing, some reduce risk of heart attack and still others are like smoking cigarettes. Lynda has been educating the public about fats for many years in her role as a cardiac rehab dietitian. 

  • Learn which foods can help reduce blockages or prevent their occurrence. 
  • Sample some new products on the market.
  • ‍Take home ridiculously healthy recipes.

Benefit: Reduce weight, blood cholesterol, and shock your cardiologist.

Heart Disease Hurts Little Hearts Too

Fifty percent of people who suffer a heart attack don’t survive to get a second chance. TV has us convinced people just fall over and it’s “the end.” In reality, they die slowly. Ears, eyes, feet don’t function quite right. Problems with breathing, mobility, intimate relations and sleeping all take their toil on a quality life. Heart disease is down 26%, but we can do better. Heart attacks hurt those close to you and diminish quality of life. Learn preventative strategies.

Benefit: You and your loved ones can realize your dreams.

Fill Your Boat With _______

  • Select one:
  • Heart healthy foods
  • Blood pressure lowering foods
  • Bone building foods
  • Waist whittling foods

Chronic disease has its roots at the dinner table. We’ve known for a long time that a poor diet can lead to poor health but in recent years research suggests that a good diet leads to improved health. 

  • Discuss and sample foods that help you reduce your risk. 
  • Identify best foods to include in your arsenal for best health.

Benefit: Live long and prosper.

Don’t see a topic that meets your needs? Lynda will be happy to customize one for you!