Lynda Murray

The Dietitian Magician®


Sensible, Real-life Solutions

Lynda helps identify solutions that fits busy lifestyles while integrating sound nutrition and fitness to achieve better health, increased energy and vitality. Suited for corporate wellness programs, individuals, or groups the topics below are a sampling of some of Lynda’s most requested topics.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover  

You can burn an additional 140 calories or more per meal by buying the food, preparing the food and cleaning up the food. This dinner dance is one of the reasons people who eat at home more often tend to be thinner than those who dine out. What’s lurking in your pantry? Contact the Dietitian Magician today to put a little magic into your meal makeover.

Lynda will accompany you to the grocery store and show you more of the best picks, the worst tricks, and how to choose the foods that will put you on the path to a healthier life. You’ll also receive a personalized shopping guide to use again and again! This one-of-a-kind package includes one 2-hour initial session in the privacy of your home, and two phone follow-up sessions.

Cooking Demos

Lynda has conducted cooking demos for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day-cares, Realtors®, and other businesses. She even hosts groups in her 1885 Victorian home!

Nutrition Parties

Looking for a unique theme for your next get-together? For those of all ages, a nutrition party is a fun, festive way to learn about a healthy lifestyle. 

Weight Management

Traditional weight loss diets don’t last. They have a 5%-30% success rate.

  • Learn proven techniques to insure that lost pounds don’t come back.
  • Witness the effects dieting has on the brain and body. 
  • ‍Learn why yo-yo diets are a no-no and how to derail fad diets.
  • Learn what foods signal the brain that it is full and how to incorporate these waist whittling foods into your daily meals. 

Benefit: You will break free from yo-yo dieting and discover permanent weight management success.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you are training for your first marathon (26.1miles) or contemplating a 5K (3.1 miles) what you eat will help you compete at your best. Lynda has assisted new athletes as well as accomplished triathletes meet their goals.

Pregnancy and Infant Nutrition

Ahh, pregnancy is a special time, a unique time, when you can influence the livelong health of your baby with the food choices you consume. Unequaled power. Tremendous responsibility.

Learn tips to build a bigger brain for your baby. In addition, you’ll learn the best foods to eat for breastfeeding and how to safely regain your pre-pregnancy weight.

Infants don’t come with instruction manuals. Strategize for successful breastfeeding. Trouble shoot before you are faced with a screaming infant at three o'clock in the morning. Learn which baby foods are good choices for your precious newborn. Many chronic diseases have their roots in infancy. Get your baby on the right track for a healthy, successful tomorrow.

Child Nutrition

Children aren’t little adults. They have unique nutritional needs, food preferences and growth requirements.

  • Learn how to counter phobic foods and expand their repertoire of healthy options. 
  • Assistance with meal planning on a budget, healthy school treats and dealing with leftovers.
  • Strategize for solutions to keep your skinny kid skinny in a nation where 1 out of 3 children will battle life-long overweight.

Couples and Premarital Wellness

Walk down the aisle with the best body you can. Healthy eating and movement combine to get you ready for the biggest day of your life. Enjoy your honeymoon more with increased vitality. Learn strategies for enjoying healthful meals, snacks and many healthy “ever afters.”

Food as Medicine

If you were to assign a letter grade to foods, would they all get the same grade?

Foods are not created equal. Learn the best foods to feed your family to reduce health risks. Learn the super foods to help you avoid overweight, type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The food choices you make today affect your possibilities for tomorrow. Your kitchen may well become your next pharmacy. 

  • Easy, healthful ways to include these foods are discussed.
  • Lynda provides ridiculously healthy recipes and bring food samples with her.

Benefit: You and your loved ones will have fewer colds and flu this fall season.

Nutrition Therapy

Lynda will meet with you to get you on the right track regarding any number of specialized eating plans including: 

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure 
  • Weight loss 
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes 
  • Cancer treatment support 
  • Unintentional weight loss

Supporting a Family Member With Specialized Nutrition Needs

When a loved one is placed on a special diet it can create feelings of “food police” “watch dog” and “burn out.” Learn more about managing their special diet to calm your fears, and lesson your anxiety.

Whether it’s managing cholesterol, weight, or blood sugars, learn how to make following their dietary restriction easier on you and those you love.

Maintenance Package

Please inquire about gift certificates — the ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, and Christmas gifts. 

Don’t see a topic that meets your needs? Lynda will be happy to customize one for you!