Lynda Murray

The Dietitian Magician®


Lynda Murray, The Dietitian Magician®

Lynda is an award winning dietitian and a leading advocate for nutritional health and wellness. Her column, The Dietitian Magician, has run for over 11 years and appears in several states.


Lynda entered the field of dietetics because she was interested in the relationship between what you eat and how you compete. Her father was a bicycle racer who didn't start exercising until he was 40 years old. He went on to complete several marathons, participated in Ride the Rockies and dozens of RAGBRAIs (rides across the state of Iowa).

Education & Experience

Lynda obtained her dietetics degree from Iowa State University and her Masters degree in community health with an emphasis on health promotion from the University of Northern Iowa. Lynda has worked at hospitals in Texas and Iowa specializing in wellness, oncology (cancer) diabetes and cardiac nutrition. 

Professional Speaker

Lynda has been the inspirational catalyst to help thousands of people lead healthier, happier lives. She toured nationally with Academy Medical enlightening the audiences with her inspiring weight loss message, Scales are for Fish

Sports Nutritionist/Consultant

Lynda is a competitive athlete. She has biked the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, skied the Canadian Rockies, qualified for and run the Boston marathon, and endured running Pikes Peak and the Grand Canyon.

Lynda has received hundreds of awards for her athleticism in competitive running, biking, skiing, and triathlons.

Both recreational and competitive athletes look to her for advice about racing, proper nutrition and answering questions like, “What do I pack for a week-long bike ride?”


Lynda has conducted over 50 media interviews (print, television and radio). She has appeared on live television talk shows and KGRS radio with her Dietitian Magician Wellness Wednesdays segment.


Lynda is a member of the Iowa Dietetic Association and the American Dietetic Association. She is the recipient of several SPRC awards from the American Dietetic Association for her work in recruitment and retention of dietitians. She was also awarded Recognized Young Dietitian for her boundless energy and work in the field of dietetics. Lynda’s creativity was evident when the National Osteoporosis Foundation selected her innovative display as its winner.