About Lynda

Licensed and Certified

Lynda has devoted her career to health and wellness. She holds a Masters Degree in Dietetics, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian.

Experienced Athlete

When it comes to fitness and health, Lynda walks the walk. She has biked the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, skied the Canadian Rockies, run the Boston marathon, endured running Pikes Peak and the Grand Canyon, and participated in several triathlons.

Family Focused

As a busy wife and mother of two boys, Lynda faces the same challenges as you — to keep everyone active and eating healthy.

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See what Lynda's clients have to say

“We read your column, weekly by way of the "Nashua Telegraph," in Nashua, NH. By and large you come out at the top with your health advice and counsel and recipes. Your recipes alone rise to the top of most publications from “The Boston Globe” to foodie and health oriented magazines. I look forward to staying informed and enlightened with your columns.”

"I amazed my doctor with my success. I have lost 59 pounds and am walking daily. I eat high fiber and low fat like you suggested. My doctor couldn't find any sign of diabetes. I am off all medication. Thank you for suggesting that I spend more time on my feet and less on my seat.

"There is no 'perfect' in a wellness lifestyle, only a commitment to do the right thing most of the time."